Outroslide Photography | Couch Stories Exhibition Launch 22nd Jan – 27 Mar 2015
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Couch Stories Exhibition Launch 22nd Jan – 27 Mar 2015

Couch Stories Exhibition Launch 22nd Jan – 27 Mar 2015

Couch Stories is a photographic series of 25 images taken in people homes, the project took two years to complete. I wanted to show people in a unique way, in their own space, behind closed doors, which in some ways makes them more real because they are more vulnerable, no defences, just them.

The aims of the project were to firstly, give the viewer a look into the lives of these people, display the differences in peoples lives by showing them in their homes and highlight the things that made up their room. I also asked them a simple question, ‘if you could share your couch with anyone, who would it be with?’ (Their answers are displayed with their individual image). This would hopefully help the viewer see this person from a different perspective.

My second aim was to get the viewer thinking about the people in the images at a deeper level and hopefully see the commonality amongst them. These are the people in our lives, in our communities and despite age, gender or race, ultimately we are all the same and we experience the same range of emotions despite our outwardly appearances, this can be acheived by looking at all the images as a series and not individual photographs.

It was a fantastic experience, meeting so many wonderful people at a particular point in their own lives, and me then becoming a part of theirs, even if it was for a very brief moment. As these people progress through their lives, they will grow and change and this will also be reflected in the people that they would choose to have by their side.

The exhibition launches tonight at the Sandwell Arts Café, Sandwell College’s Central Sixth, (formerly The Public), it’s on from 22nd January until the 27th March 2015 Monday to Friday 10am -4pm.

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